Flexible Listing Options


I offer you a flat fee MLS listing for $99 to upload your home, photos, and description into the MLS. This is an OPEN listing which is the equivalent of a ‘for sale by owner’ on the MLS. At that point, you will be contacted directly by agents. This fee is typically paid up front through paypal.

As an add-on to this offer, I offer transaction assistance. Once you obtain your buyer, I am able to guide you through the transaction, walk you through and provide you with all the needed paperwork and inspections needed to sell your home. That is an additional $400 payable at the close of escrow.


Should you decide at some point to hire a listing agent I offer a discounted listing fee of 1.25% (plus whatever you choose to offer the buyer’s agent - 2.5% is customary in San Diego). I am a seasoned real estate broker with 13 years of experience and hundreds of homes sold. For each listing, I book a professional photo shoot and create a customized marketing program.

In addition to my ‘out of the box’ pricing options, I offer you a seasoned, competent Real Estate Broker with 13 years of experience. My focus is on ‘getting your home sold’ instead of just ‘getting a listing.’ I am always glad to offer referrals from past clients, and answer all questions you may have about me.


This is my ‘hybrid’ listing option for a flat $3,500 fee. I will evaluate your home, make pricing and staging recommendations, and if desired, place a computerized lock-box on your property. You will handle the showings! When offers start coming in, I will present them, handle negotiations, counters, and transaction assistance throughout escrow.