About the San Diego, CA Area

We serve the greater San Diego, CA area, including Chula Vista, La Mesa, El Cajon, La Jolla, and North San Diego county.

Downtown San Diego

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Over the past 15 years, Downtown San Diego has grown into a vibrant neighborhood within the sprawling city of San Diego. Popular with those who embrace a village lifestyle, residents tend to walk, uber, scooter, or take the trolley wherever they need to travel.

Living in Downtown San Diego affords residents easy access to theater, Petco Park, restaurants, clubs, the waterfront, and Balboa Park. It is also just 5-10 minutes to the San Diego airport. If you treasure living minutes away to everything you need, Downtown San Diego is worth your consideration!

Primarily comprised of condos, the Downtown San Diego housing market is one of the most expensive within the city. Two bedroom condos may start in the $500-600's and new construction condos are priced well over 1 million dollars. 

There are 5 distinct neighborhoods within Downtown San Diego.

1) Little Italy

2) The Marina District 

3) Gaslamp

4) East Village

5) Cortez Hill

Hillcrest/Mission Hills

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Hillcrest and Mission Hills communities are both located in the San Diego zip code of 92103. While similar in nature, there are subtle differences between these two neighborhoods.

Hillcrest is a walking village. There are a couple of miles where you can easily walk to coffee, restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and shops.  This is a popular spot for San Diego's gay population, young people, and seniors alike. In other words, anything goes in Hillcrest!

Housing in Hillcrest offers an eclectic mix apartments, condos, townhomes and houses. It is not uncommon to see a modern loft right next to a 1920's Spanish style home. 


Mission Valley

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Mission Valley is a community located just north of I-8 between I-5 and I-15. It is a busy shopping and commercial neighborhood within central San Diego.

Much of the real estate in San Diego is comprised of condos and apartment buildings. Some condos were originally built in the 1970s, and others were built up to 2004.

Over the past few years, a new community called 'Civita' has been and continues to be built. This modern development encompasses both condos  and detached houses, some selling as high as 1 million dollars. As the community gets built out, there will be new retail space, as well.

North Park

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North Park is just east of Hillcrest, and encompasses much of the same demographic as Hillcrest. North Park is popular because of its proximity to Hillcrest, Balboa Park, Morley Field, and the airport.

Housing options are again similar to those in Hillcrest. The main reason to live in North Park is because it is a bit more affordable than its neighboring Village. 

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